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If you have dead stock, or lots of left over seasonal stock you would like to sell, then start a new online store with Shopify.  It’s easy, and with this training, it is even easier.   When you are ready to start your own store, then get your free trial by clicking on the Shopify Logo.

Survive Online Small Business Startup Package

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The complete Survive Online Business Startup package.


Any new startup or established small business should be online.  Customers are looking for your business online and on their mobile devices.  You will need to setup and manage a number of components that may seem daunting at first.  


You may already have a personal Facebook page, or Twitter account, but these should not be used for your business. Businesses require separate websites and social media from personal accounts to maintain a professional image and brand. specializes in helping new and established small business get online and profit.  When you’re starting a new small business, or working hard in your own established business, you may not have the time, skill or knowledge on how to get online with your business and where and what are the most effectives ways to market online.  


We can help you.  The complete Small Business Survive Online startup package is all you need to get online and start growing your business quickly and inexpensively, TODAY!


The SBSO Package Includes:


WP logo


Complete WP Website.  Mobile ready.   

Includes:  Home, About, Contact, Product/Services pages.  (4 pages).  




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Social Media package.  

Includes business Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin accounts and Hootsuite setup.  (Hootsuite $9.99 per month, Optional but highly recommended).


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Google Business setup.  

Includes Gmail, Google+, YouTube and Google My Business setup.




2 hours

consultation on managing the accounts and setting up for mobile use.  


1 hour

Small Business Marketing and Video Marketing Coaching.


Only $597.00

Order today and get a free copy of my book.  Get Viral.


Contact me for custom packages to suit your needs and business.  


Survive Online
Rome Awde

New Real Estate Mobile Websites

Get a dedicated property mobile website for each listing for as low as $59.00 per listing.  Perfect for Agents whom want to stand out from the crowd with a dedicated one property only website for mobile use.


This package includes, Domain, Hosting and full mobile website for as long as the listing is still avaiable for sale.  Also included are two removable decals for your property sale sign so someone seeing the sign on the street can go directly to the mobile website to get all the information and pictures for the property they are sitting in front of.

url sticker idea  generic sign

Mobile is the way people shop for everything 2016, including homes.  Make getting the information for your listing super easy for your prospective client.  Get started today for as little as $59.00 per listing!  Get information here.

New book released

Get Viral
Video Marketing

Get Viral with Video marketing, simply put, is one of the most engaging, influential and potentially profitable forms of marketing.  Video has the ability to grab attention and to help youestablish authority in ways that no other form of marketing can approach. So it’s absolutely vital that you start leveraging this type of marketing in your business as soon as possible.

In fact, video marketing is so powerful that it could very well be all that you need in order to get word out about your business.  If you are already using video marketing though, then just as important is ensuring that you are doing so in the most effective way possible.  Video marketing when done well is incredibly powerful but if your videos don’t have the professional quality that your viewers expect then they could actually harm your business.

It is essential that you are not just incorporating video into your marketing but that you are also doing so in the best way possible.

By picking up this book, you have taken the first step towards doing just that and throughout the following chapters we will be looking in depth at how to create and share fantastic, high­quality videos that will accelerate sales and put your business in a position that you dream.

Here is what you are going to learn from this book:

You will learn what video marketing is, I will give you the easiest definition for it, how marketing videos are generally used and what different kinds of videos there are for marketing purposes.  I’ll show you why video marketing is such an amazing shortcut to take your business to any level you desire,  thanks to the extremely targeted traffic you can get, you will see the benefits videos will bring to your business and online marketing efforts.  I will show you 14 amazing facts that will open your eyes to the immense power of videos for marketing in today’s business environment.

You will see how businesses are using videos in their marketing efforts, so you can have complete confidence in this powerful marketing strategy for your own business.  You will learn about the top video sharing sites, their benefits, as well as how each of them can help you get the most out of video advertising.

You will learn about some excellent video marketing tools, highly effective tools that have been created to make video marketing amazingly simple for you, even if you haven’t created a single video in your life.  You’ll also learn how to do video marketing the right way from start to finish using one of the most effective and easy to apply video marketing methods. We’ll cover topics like creating, uploading, optimizing and promoting your video.

We’ll also cover several highly effective video marketing tricks you can apply and see some great results in your efforts. Proven as used by experienced business owners.  Learn about the hottest ways to use video for marketing, so you don’t have to be on your own out there trying to figure out what’s actually working.  We’ll take an in depth look at a few video marketing case studies. These are actual examples to show you how video marketing actually works and it’s effectiveness.

We will give you a list of all video Dos you must include in your video marketing and a list of all don’ts that you’ll want to avoid in your campaigns.  Finally, we will cover all of the “Tech” in creating your first marketing video. We will cover cameras, lighting, backgrounds, script writing and how you can do it all for little to no money.  Well let’s dig into video marketing for your business.  Enjoy the read and use these valuable strategies in your offline or online business marketing to Get Viral.

In Success,
Rome Awde